Detailed Gluten Free Restaurant Card - Latin America

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Detailed Gluten Free Restaurant Card - Latin America

Jodi Ettenberg | Legal Nomads

Extremely detailed Spanish gluten free card usable throughout Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America.

Written by a celiac and translated by a native speaker who is also celiac and living in the region.


✔ A immediate digital download sent via email, specifically sized for your smartphone. Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a green 'download' button. On your computer, click the download button and download the .png file for your phone or for printing. ENGLISH TRANSLATION ALSO ENCLOSED UPON PURCHASE.

✔ A basic explanation of the disease and what to avoid;

✔ Ingredients like salsa ingles, pan de yema, or thickeners like bread that are used in cooking and mole sauces within Mexico and Latin America, to best communicate what you need to be wary of;

✔ Cross-contamination concerns, and requirements for uncontaminated oil so you don't get accidentally glutened;

✔ A list of what can be used to substitute and cook with, such as rice, corn flour/masa, or potatoes; and

✔ An apology for the inconvenience to the chef and staff of the restaurant or stall.

NOTE: If you have any questions about this card, or are having trouble purchasing it via Gumroad, please send me an email to jodi@legalnomads.com.

I want this!
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A PNG file, sized for your smartphone, to take with you on your travels.

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