Detailed Gluten Free Restaurant Card - Spain (SPANISH)

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This is an extremely detailed Spanish gluten free card for use in Spain, written by a celiac and translated by native Spanish speakers familiar with the condition. I created these cards to help others with celiac disease travel safely.

Show this card to restaurants, hotel staff, chefs, or anyone preparing your food, to help make sure your food requirements are taken seriously. Each card goes through two sets of translations to ensure accuracy.

Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a green 'download' button. The download button will give you a digital download (PNG image file) that is specifically sized for your smartphone. On your computer, click the download button and download the .png file for your phone. You can also reduce the image size and print to hand out on your travels, or directly print at 30% or 50% scale—or else it will take up the full page!

You will then receive a second email with the English translation for the card.

Your gluten free translation card: 

  • includes a basic explanation of the disease and what we can't eat;
  • uses local ingredient names to best communicate what has hidden (and not hidden!) gluten;
  • expressly mentions cross-contact and contaminated oil or surfaces—something less detailed cards don't do;
  • provides a list of ingredients that can be eaten safely; and
  • adds an apology for the inconvenience to the chef and staff of the restaurant or stall, to explain it's an obligation, not a choice, that we are eating gluten free.

NOTE: If you have any questions about this card, or are having trouble purchasing or downloading it, or accessing the English translation, please send me an email to If you purchase via credit card, your statement charge will read "Gumroad" (the e-commerce platform where I sell these cards).

Looking for restaurant suggestions and a GF food list from Spain? See my gluten free guide to Spain post, here. It's free!

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Downloadable gluten free translation card as a PNG image file, to help you eat safely as you travel.

✅  Immediate Download
Save this card on your phone, or reduce the size to print to use in an instant.
✅ Detailed Instructions
Local ingredients and lists of what you can/cannot eat help you eat safely.
✅ Cross-contact Included
Unlike less-detailed cards, this card explains that contaminated surfaces or oils are also unsafe.
✅ Polite but Firm
This card apologizes for any inconvenience, but makes clear eating gluten free is not optional for celiacs.


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Detailed Gluten Free Restaurant Card - Spain (SPANISH)

6 ratings
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